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About my work...

I love what I do and it's fun. My portfolio here reflects a small portion of my work in painting, carving, metalwork, casting, furniture-making and all types of restoration work - over a period of forty years.

My goal has always been to enrich the environment of my clients in some way, whether it's restoring a museum artifact, a family heirloom or painting a mural on a dining room wall.

Most of the decorative painting you see here (murals, Indian princess, furniture pieces) were painted with hand-made traditional paints, mainly casein, a paint made with milk curd and powdered pigments. The working qualities of this paint are truly amazing. By making my own paint, I have total control over viscosity and color. The durability is outstanding. They are also environmentally responsible in that no harsh chemicals are used and water is added on site, as the paint is mixed, unlike modern synthetic coatings manufactured by large paint companies and shipped to their destinations - a great waste of resources given that the bulk of what is transported is water. I have been making my own paints since the 1970's, long before being "Green" was popular.

What I hope you will experience when viewing the work on this site is a true sense of wonderment, as I still do looking back on it. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking,
Dennis "Sketch" Lien

Clients Say...

"Dennis is your intelligent choice for an artist"

Valdek, Architect, AIA
David Toews Construction
Menlo Park,CA.

Sketch and our Hawaiian-themed mural arrived on our doorstep serendipitously and we believe that is part of the charm that is Sketch and his talent.

Along with a beautiful work of art that will be a permanent theme of our home we made a wonderful friend who enriched our lives with stories of his unique and adventurous life.

Our dining room mural of coconut trees and dancing hula girls was done with talent, hand labor, precision and his unique method of producing color....No smell! We think he's really a magician!

We recommend Dennis "Sketch" Lien whole heartedly in your search for a talented transformer of home and hearth. He's top of the pack when it comes to a dedicated and talented artist!

Dave, Ginger, Jason Cannata
Hidden Cottage Bed and Breakfast
Noe Valley, San Francisco